The Cross

  • The cross be pain and love, water and fire, blood and passion and spirit and heart.
  • The cross be light and darkness; light to love, dark to death, beautiful.
  • The cross be wisdom and harmony and truth and justice.
  • The cross be the sorrow of all sorrows, the pain of all pain, the anguish of all anguish, for the cross absolves all.

Universal Sin

  • Desecration of Knowledge

Books and scrolls and of the like must be treated with respect, for knowledge creates wisdom, a rhythm of the soul.

  • Desecration of the Dead

All things must be respected, so to includes the spirits; those who have passed. Show respect for the dead.

  • Desecration of the Living

Life must be respected: walks of life, life in essence as a being of mortality be respected by touch and grace, tongue and mind.

  • Disrespect of Rhythm

Rhythm is what makes up our souls, who we are. If you disrespect your brother and sister for who they are, you disrespect their soul, their rhythm. Honor and respect the rhythm of the living and respect that rhythm.


~Brilliantly follow thy heart with thy will towards ambition’s future, and unto this can’st thee claim thine own reality as thee dreamt~

The Law of Spirit

As incomprehensible as a notion as this may sound, religion and spirit are separate. With two sides one of pure light and the other of pure dark, there is a neutral zone, spirit. Do not live in fear to connect with your own spirit to open up your god given spiritual traits/gifts, for it is neutral. The spirit of man is the zone of neutrality.

Temperamental Code of Nature

  • Where one man falls so to shall others follow, however though one man among the mass shall rise. From their lips would a new age or idea give birth, and unto the men and women as the earth, shall such be planted into consciousness and become one of two things, supporters or destroyers.
  • Would man be to fall, shall the darkness he brings collapse along-side or shall it continue as part to nature of man? The afore will not fall as it is ongoing, as does a virus along-side the light, for it is in our nature to love and to hate. However though as both reside in the individual, would one in dependence of the individual be stronger than the other.

Wisdom March

  • With knowledge comes power, with power comes strength, with strength comes will and all is wisdom.
  • Wisdom counts for naught unless taught, as where wisdom lies doth beauty shine.
  • So to with wisdom being strong and pure doth the shadows of ignorance procure.
  • Experience brings wisdom, and grants the ability to teach.
  • Wisdom brings pain and suffering, but also brings happiness and comfort.
  • Wisdom often brings truth, and with such can bring the most disturbing unwanted of things.
  • Wisdom lies in those who seek truth in themselves and in others.
  • Wisdom is the truth in knowledge, and comes in many small packages.

The Savior

The Savior be thine heart, thy mind, and both through the savior be thine power.

The Savior is thy light when in darkness.

The Savior be thine love, anger, anguish and pain. The Savior is with thee and goeth through what thou doth goeth through.

Into shadows doth the savior goeth to ease thy pain.

The Savior shines bright like fire in its destructivity and in harmony.

The Savior be cold, like ice beautiful and the sea dangerous.

The Savior be inviting like the earth, open like a tree’s branches and warm as the sand.

The Savior be gentle like air, loving like the wind as it embraces, lifts up all like a hurricane.

The Savior be loud like thunder and sharp like lightning. Both are in spirit.

The Savior be the light and the darkness, he be love without hate.

The Savior be pain when thou art in pain. He be love when thee love. He be sad when thou art sad. He be happy when thou art happy, he be hate when thou art hateful, for he shadows all for all in the name of love.