The Savior

The Savior be thine heart, thy mind, and both through the savior be thine power.

The Savior is thy light when in darkness.

The Savior be thine love, anger, anguish and pain. The Savior is with thee and goeth through what thou doth goeth through.

Into shadows doth the savior goeth to ease thy pain.

The Savior shines bright like fire in its destructivity and in harmony.

The Savior be cold, like ice beautiful and the sea dangerous.

The Savior be inviting like the earth, open like a tree’s branches and warm as the sand.

The Savior be gentle like air, loving like the wind as it embraces, lifts up all like a hurricane.

The Savior be loud like thunder and sharp like lightning. Both are in spirit.

The Savior be the light and the darkness, he be love without hate.

The Savior be pain when thou art in pain. He be love when thee love. He be sad when thou art sad. He be happy when thou art happy, he be hate when thou art hateful, for he shadows all for all in the name of love.


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