~Death is pain of despair, rotted insanity, hearts of blackness, minds of void and bodies of poverty, and all is one~

Prayer 08

May this day of days be a blessing to all who have been touched by this day, be it in prayer or in faith or both, and let us sing in our hearts the blessings and tidings of this day.

Prayer 07

Let is be when the sun sets the Savior, the Spirit and the Father looks over us while we rest our bones and flesh.

Prayer 06

Let it be when the sun rises the Spirit grants us the strength and the power to push through the day.

Prayer 05

To this time I ask that the Trinity empowers our hearts and burns the binds of our souls so as we have the strength to fight this time and tomorrow’s time.

Prayer 04

Let us invite the Holy Spirit into our hearts and may it inspire, empower and incite our drives and passions. Let it wash over our hearts and wrap its glow around our bones, flesh, mind and soul. May it be the driving force to a clean mind, soul and body, and with it may no negatives taint our temples.

Prayer 03

Let it be that our hearts are in tune with the Light of the Lord.

Prayer 02

May it be that our minds are disciplined and our bodies are healthy in view of the Holy Three.

Prayer 01

Let us allow the Spirit into our bodies and may it wash our souls with it’s Light purging our hearts of sin and darkness, and let it be holy that we follow the Spirit into harmony.


~Love is pain, suffering, sorrow, joy and happiness. As the Savior holds love in every mark so to do we as we are the image and reflection of the Lord~