A thought to ponder on

Here is a thought. As Lucifer, the devil creates imitations could it be possible that there be a dark trinity. As we have the trinity of The Father of the Savior, the Son, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, the binding power, what if there was an imitation of that crafted by the devil? What if he were to make something darkly sacred? As he is the father of perversions, and he had a son the anti-christ what if he had perverted a spirit to become some accursed spirit – Father of Perversions, Anti-Christ and Accursed Spirit. It is a scary thought, but a thought none the less.

This thought came across my mind during a meeting I had with my pastor at my church, and I presented him with the idea and he seemed to agree with me in saying that it could indeed be possible as he imitates a lot that his enemies possess.


Psalm 4:8

I will both lie down in peace and sleep; for you alone, O Lord make me dwell in safety.


~There is no sin in curiosity for curiosity is the mark of discovery~


~Without cause there is no desire of the heart~

Pastor Inspired Writing

~As we are the bow, the Savior is the archer shooting our path~


~The shadow is of mind; where thought can cloud the heart, the shadow can shroud over the light if the smallest bit of doubt exists~


~Many shadows shroud the mind: the shadow of anger, the shadow of jealousy and the shadow of greed. These shadows rest in the depths of the mind and strike upon desired sin, though sin is no desire~

Prayer 11

O Lord, Savior and Spirit I ask of you to deliver those that are trapped in the shadows into the light. Deliver them from the shadows of their minds into the light of their hearts.

Prayer 10

O Lord, let it be that on this day all in your presence be blessed by your might and glory, all let all who are blessed know you, and even those who are not in your presence know you.

Prayer 09

Holy Spirit, I call upon you for your blessing of this day and its close. Mighty be your grace as your grace has warmed all bodies and all souls, be it grand or small in all duties of the Lord. Let the actions of the night be a reflection of the day, and may your warmth wash over all in the sleep of all.