A thought to ponder on

Here is a thought. As Lucifer, the devil creates imitations could it be possible that there be a dark trinity. As we have the trinity of The Father of the Savior, the Son, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, the binding power, what if there was an imitation of that crafted by the devil? What if he were to make something darkly sacred? As he is the father of perversions, and he had a son the anti-christ what if he had perverted a spirit to become some accursed spirit – Father of Perversions, Anti-Christ and Accursed Spirit. It is a scary thought, but a thought none the less.

This thought came across my mind during a meeting I had with my pastor at my church, and I presented him with the idea and he seemed to agree with me in saying that it could indeed be possible as he imitates a lot that his enemies possess.


One comment on “A thought to ponder on

  1. Honestly, I’m not overly concerned with Angelology but this is a rather interesting idea. If we accept the sort of mythological* view of Satan, I don’t think that he would be triune. Mostly because the view of angels is that they are unitarian by nature. That is, single person, finite, spiritual beings. This seems to be rather opposed to the Trinitarian nature of God.

    *note: when I say ‘mythological’, I mean it in a special sense. The Bible does not provide extensive information about satan and angels which leads me to believe that the popular view of these entities comes from historical speculation that has become engrained in the Christian tradition. I’m not saying satan doesn’t exist (personally, I’m not sure what to make of it) but I am saying that the common view of satan stems from extra-Biblical musing.

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