Prayer 18

When our hands and feet are set aflame with sin let it be that from your mouth God, like a fountain living water pours over our hands and feet. Let the water wash and cleanse us of our sin. Let it be that our hands do not burn. Let it be that our feet do not smolder. Let it be that no more ash follows in our wake, be it we be cleansed from the fountain-like mouth of God.


Prayer 17

Be it we be the water of the fountain and the Holy Spirit be the construct coursing our bodies with its golden power flowing us with holy might like a mighty stream from the mouth of God pouring over our hearts.

Prayer 12

O Lord on high, be it that wings be delivered onto the back of our soul so as we may rise above ourselves: troubles, pains, sadness, madness and sins. Be it that these wings procure the winds of light. As the wings beat down with the winds of light, be it that those winds beat down those shadows to the ground and shed them off our bodies and souls.

Prayer 11

O Lord, Savior and Spirit I ask of you to deliver those that are trapped in the shadows into the light. Deliver them from the shadows of their minds into the light of their hearts.

Prayer 10

O Lord, let it be that on this day all in your presence be blessed by your might and glory, all let all who are blessed know you, and even those who are not in your presence know you.

Prayer 09

Holy Spirit, I call upon you for your blessing of this day and its close. Mighty be your grace as your grace has warmed all bodies and all souls, be it grand or small in all duties of the Lord. Let the actions of the night be a reflection of the day, and may your warmth wash over all in the sleep of all.