Interesting Anti-Christ Concept

If Jesus was born on the Summer Solstice then logically wouldn’t the Anti-Christ be born on the Winter Solstice considering that he would be the opposite of Christ? Take into consideration everything we have known and speculated about the Anti-Christ. So Christ was born into poverty and the Anti-Christ is said to be born into wealth, and we have assumed him to be brought up in the world of politics. Christ was a carpenter…and the Anti-Christ…is not? Father-wise Christ means ‘of God’ so we know Jesus to be the son of God, and the Anti-Christ is believed to be the son of Lucifer. So with these commonly known points what about the solstice birth concept? It very well could be a possibility, well I feel it is.


Universal Sin

  • Desecration of Knowledge

Books and scrolls and of the like must be treated with respect, for knowledge creates wisdom, a rhythm of the soul.

  • Desecration of the Dead

All things must be respected, so to includes the spirits; those who have passed. Show respect for the dead.

  • Desecration of the Living

Life must be respected: walks of life, life in essence as a being of mortality be respected by touch and grace, tongue and mind.

  • Disrespect of Rhythm

Rhythm is what makes up our souls, who we are. If you disrespect your brother and sister for who they are, you disrespect their soul, their rhythm. Honor and respect the rhythm of the living and respect that rhythm.