Interesting Anti-Christ Concept

If Jesus was born on the Summer Solstice then logically wouldn’t the Anti-Christ be born on the Winter Solstice considering that he would be the opposite of Christ? Take into consideration everything we have known and speculated about the Anti-Christ. So Christ was born into poverty and the Anti-Christ is said to be born into wealth, and we have assumed him to be brought up in the world of politics. Christ was a carpenter…and the Anti-Christ…is not? Father-wise Christ means ‘of God’ so we know Jesus to be the son of God, and the Anti-Christ is believed to be the son of Lucifer. So with these commonly known points what about the solstice birth concept? It very well could be a possibility, well I feel it is.


God Truth

An understanding of knowledge and a collection of knowledge pointing to The Word. The truth is also faith. Faith in The Word, the Father and in the Holy Spirit.

Prayer 07

Let is be when the sun sets the Savior, the Spirit and the Father looks over us while we rest our bones and flesh.

Passage of Keys

  • The Savior is the key and the lock is thyself.
  • The Savior is the gate and the heart is the key.
  • The Savior holds the key to redemption and the key is his name.
  • The cross is the key to eternal life.
  • The key to faith lies in thy will and heart.
  • All keys lead to Three and every key leads to One.
  • The temple is the body and the kingdom is thy soul, and together be they the key to the Lord.
  • The light of the soul is the key into the kingdom.