God’s Plan, the Grand Plan

Going off of the basis that God is all knowing, then could he have known about the cause and effect of creating an enemy, Lucifer. If so, then he knew by creating Lucifer, Lucifer would invoke one of the most dangerous of thoughts, curiosity into one of his future creations humans by taking up the form of a snake and enticing that creation, a human to eat from the Tree of Knowledge stamping human – kind with sin, the knowledge of good and evil. That knowledge spun a series of events that spiraled human – kind in a world of chaos.

This would then give him a reason to flood the world and give Noah a chance to save it because of sin, and secondly to save the world from sin by sending down his son Jesus.


A thought to ponder on

Here is a thought. As Lucifer, the devil creates imitations could it be possible that there be a dark trinity. As we have the trinity of The Father of the Savior, the Son, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, the binding power, what if there was an imitation of that crafted by the devil? What if he were to make something darkly sacred? As he is the father of perversions, and he had a son the anti-christ what if he had perverted a spirit to become some accursed spirit – Father of Perversions, Anti-Christ and Accursed Spirit. It is a scary thought, but a thought none the less.

This thought came across my mind during a meeting I had with my pastor at my church, and I presented him with the idea and he seemed to agree with me in saying that it could indeed be possible as he imitates a lot that his enemies possess.

The Shadow

  • Though the Shadow is a king he is no true king. He is the king of shadows and he is the king of tyrants and maniacs, but never will he be the king of kings. The Shadow is a king of titles and that is all, nothing but a title.
  • The Shadow be a shadow for he hides in the dark corners of life and heart. He shadows our thoughts, observing like a predator. He is a shadow, the king of shadows for He hides like one as He observes us.
  • This Shadow is the catalyst for all darkness in mind, heart and spiritually. He is the one true enemy as He is the caster of temptations and illusions.
  • The Shadow is a tormentor of souls: He is the pain of the mind, the anger, the jealousy, the madness and he is of vengeance.
  • The Shadow is more than a titled king. He is the father of perversions for He perverts man and spirit. He is the father of imitations for He copies all.He is the father of Darkness as it be imitations and perversions.
  • As ignorance is true darkness so to is the Shadow, although He knows of his enemies. He knows no love, nor anything of the Light. He is perverted and He is an imitation of the Father as much as He is of ignorance.

~The Shadow is a shadow for he hides in the dark corners of life and heart. He shadows our thoughts observing like a predator. He is a shadow, the king of shadows, for He hides like one as He observes~