The Power of Marriage and Divorce

As a disclaimer I am not telling people to do the following regarding Ecclesiastes, but I ¬†got a moral theoretical and…almost (maybe) rhetorical concept regarding divorce. Now as we know Marriage is a Trinity between the spouses and God, and to symbolize that are the wedding rings that symbolize the promise between the spouses and with God. Let us acknowledge the financial and paper aspect of marriage. Right off the bat, to me that sounds self explanatory, but on taxes and on other forms national or by city (local) that can give benefits.

Should we identify marriage by what is on paper or by spirit convictions and conviction of wills? I tell you this, that marriage should be the latter.

Now with the promise of the rings in the event of a divorce, a paper divorce is not going to divorce you, because it seems to me that there is still a covenant despite what is shown on a local or national database. To me a true divorce is one of spiritual convictions. As if to say, “Return to sender” the spouses could consensually give their ring back to the spouse who originally ringed them on their wedding day, and they could do one of two things: bury their rings/drop them into the ocean or hand them over to a Church Cleric (of which I doubt they would be down for) wherein which he/she either buries them or drops them into the ocean. For this, if this is anywhere at all a must the spouses must consensually discern on the matter and seek discernment counselling from a Church Cleric.

As I began with a disclaimer, I must say that by the definition of human nature, we adapt so we can overcome. As we evolve in the physical so to must we evolve in spiritual matters, and if you want to to argue to say that there is no spiritual matter I would argue that there is, but if you are adamant then think about the emotional matters and try to adapt around that.

We must adapt not just within our external environment(s) but within our internal environment(s), and as marriage is not a bargaining entity it is indisputably an adaptive entity. In marriage we must adapt to the pair-bonding dynamics of marriage where the husband should not think about himself as well should the wife, but adapt to the new concept and adapt in accordance to the spouse. We no longer have our old mold, but we have a new mold wherein our mold grows to adapt to internal and external environments or we must match our mold to the marriage concept that surrounds the other spouse.

Well, I believe I have picked apart my disclaimer well enough. You don’t have to agree with the theory or rhetoric as it is nothing but a mere opinion as is the nature of a theory/rhetorical theory. I hope you enjoyed reading!


Prayer 14

Holy Father I call upon you for your love and grace. Fill us with your warmth. Be it that your fire washes over our bodies and minds, be it the loving embrace of your arms.

Prayer 12

O Lord on high, be it that wings be delivered onto the back of our soul so as we may rise above ourselves: troubles, pains, sadness, madness and sins. Be it that these wings procure the winds of light. As the wings beat down with the winds of light, be it that those winds beat down those shadows to the ground and shed them off our bodies and souls.

Prayer 11

O Lord, Savior and Spirit I ask of you to deliver those that are trapped in the shadows into the light. Deliver them from the shadows of their minds into the light of their hearts.

Prayer 10

O Lord, let it be that on this day all in your presence be blessed by your might and glory, all let all who are blessed know you, and even those who are not in your presence know you.

Prayer 09

Holy Spirit, I call upon you for your blessing of this day and its close. Mighty be your grace as your grace has warmed all bodies and all souls, be it grand or small in all duties of the Lord. Let the actions of the night be a reflection of the day, and may your warmth wash over all in the sleep of all.

Prayer 08

May this day of days be a blessing to all who have been touched by this day, be it in prayer or in faith or both, and let us sing in our hearts the blessings and tidings of this day.

Prayer 07

Let is be when the sun sets the Savior, the Spirit and the Father looks over us while we rest our bones and flesh.

Prayer 06

Let it be when the sun rises the Spirit grants us the strength and the power to push through the day.