A caged beast is like sin in chains. You can control the beast by taming and nurturing as the same as feeding sin.


~Into the den of weeds does the raven croak counting weed upon weeds with croak upon croak~

March of the Mask

  • If sin be your desire then you shall walk under the guise of the bone mask. Hollow is your sin as hollow is your mask.
  • When the soul is hollow selfishness surfaces with the bone mask the fisherman, casting out for itself.
  • This mask of bone is the hollow nature of sin, and you walk with hollow cadence as long as the mask be upon your face.
  • This mask of bone will sting, and when it stings it burns the soul with each hollow act. the more the mask stings the more the sting burns; the deeper the sting becomes sinking deeper and deeper into the core of the soul.

Shadow March

  • The shadow be of mind where thought can cloud the heart, the shadow can shroud over the light if the smallest bit of doubt exists.
  • Many shadows shroud the mind: the shadow of anger, the shadow of jealousy, the shadow of pain and the shadow of greed. These shadows rest in the depths of the mind and strike whenever sin of the deep is desired.
  • Into the shadow will you walk with boots and feet aflame leaving destruction in your wake. venture not into the cirque of darkness, for where there be darkness there may be fire.
  • If you were to step into the shadow then your feet would be cast aflame burning hotter with each step, sin upon sin.
  • Your hand is cast aflame if the hand be a hand of sin reaching into the shadows. The more the hand sinks into the shadows grasping and grabbing at its dense veil the more the hand will burn.
  • Step into the shadow with leg in full and the leg will be set aflame with sin. This is the acceptance of sin and the willingness to pursue with legs aflame and burning. Then torso and arms are cast aflame and burning. The hands are next to burn and the last to burn is the head, and as the head burns the mind singes from the flames imprinting the desire of sin.

Universal Sin

  • Desecration of Knowledge

Books and scrolls and of the like must be treated with respect, for knowledge creates wisdom, a rhythm of the soul.

  • Desecration of the Dead

All things must be respected, so to includes the spirits; those who have passed. Show respect for the dead.

  • Desecration of the Living

Life must be respected: walks of life, life in essence as a being of mortality be respected by touch and grace, tongue and mind.

  • Disrespect of Rhythm

Rhythm is what makes up our souls, who we are. If you disrespect your brother and sister for who they are, you disrespect their soul, their rhythm. Honor and respect the rhythm of the living and respect that rhythm.